Kids’ Winter Activities and Dental Health Tips!

Two Snowman in snow

Here are just a few ideas to try out with your children this winter, to make the most of the season.

  • How much water is in snow? Try a science experiment!
  • Yarn + Snowflake designs = Yarn Art
  • Create a snowman with a popsicle stick and felt.
  • Make pretend snow.
  • Bake cookies and frost them in a snowman theme, each one a little different.
  • Cut out snowflakes and paint them with watercolors.
  • Create a maze in the snow.
  • Make a snowman with paper plates.
  • Decorate cups in a snowman theme and fill with popcorn.

Remind your child to brush twice a day and floss daily. Focus on decay prevention. One in four children develops a sign of tooth decay before beginning school.
Contact our office if you have any questions about your child’s dental health.

About Dr. T.J. (Ted) Bolamperti

Dr. Ted is passionate about exceeding expectations for your dental care! He has chosen to continuously pursue dental education through The Pankey Institute, a premier ADA Continuing Ed. Recognition Program, involving over 350 continuing education hours, in addition to hours achieved at local institutions. His Pankey Certified Advanced Dental Education courses include: Aesthetics, Splint Therapy and Occlusion, Occlusion and Restorative Principles, Advanced Restorative Principles, Comprehensive and Advanced TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) Disorder. Dr. T.J. (Ted) Bolamperti is a graduate of the UNMC College of Dentistry and Omaha Creighton Prep.