Two Snowman in snow
Kids’ Winter Activities and Dental Health Tips!
October 29, 2019
Two Snowman in snow

Here are just a few ideas to try out with your children this winter, to make the most of the season.

  • How much water is in snow? Try a science experiment!
  • Yarn + Snowflake designs = Yarn Art
  • Create a snowman with a popsicle stick and felt.
  • Make pretend snow.
  • Bake cookies and frost them in a snowman theme, each one a little different.
  • Cut out snowflakes and paint them with watercolors.
  • Create a maze in the snow.
  • Make a snowman with paper plates.
  • Decorate cups in a snowman theme and fill with popcorn.

Remind your child to brush twice a day and floss daily. Focus on decay prevention. One in four children develops a sign of tooth decay before beginning school.
Contact our office if you have any questions about your child’s dental health.