Dental Sealants

It’s hard to keep your teeth looking their best all the time. We are constantly exposed to food, drinks, and situations that can harm our teeth. Chips, breaks, and stains are more common than you might think but luckily, there’s a way to protect your teeth from all these problems. At Omaha Dentistry, we can give your teeth the protection they need with dental sealants.

What are Dental Sealants?

Sealants are a special coating made from composite materials. They are brushed right onto the surface of your teeth to protect them from decay and other forms of damage. Although sealants are an effective way of protecting teeth for people of all ages, they are especially recommended for children as they are more prone to develop cavities than adults.

How Long Do Sealants Last on Your Teeth?

Dental sealants are like any other dental procedure that requires appliances – the better you care for your teeth, the longer they tend to last. Most dental sealants can last up to ten years, but they’ve been known to last longer with the appropriate attention.

Benefits of Dental Sealants

One of the biggest benefits of dental sealants is reducing your risk for several dental conditions, this translates to saving money in the long term because you won’t need to come to the dentist as often. Other benefits include:

  • Preserve the position of permanent teeth in younger patients
  • Quick and easy application
  • Protect your teeth against cavities

Do You Need Dental Sealants in Omaha, NE?

Protecting your teeth today can mean less unplanned visits to the dentist in the future. Call Omaha Dentistry today and ask about dental sealants!

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