Dental Implants

Whether the result of poor oral hygiene, aging, or an accident, millions of people lose teeth every year. In most cases, this problem only affects a single tooth, making dentures or bridges an impractical solution. If you find yourself in this situation, Omaha Dentistry is excited to offer high quality dental implants that will leave your smile looking like new.

What are Dental Implants?

Implants are prosthetics that are molded and colored to match the appearance of your real teeth. These devices are made up of three components; a screw-like post, abutment, and a crown.

How Do I Know if I’m a Good Candidate for a Dental Implant?  

Implants are used as replacements for a lost tooth, but they can also serve as anchors for dental bridges in those cases in which several teeth are missing. If you have lost a tooth and don’t have a health condition that prevents you from undergoing a minor surgical procedure, dental implants might be right for you.

Most people can be candidates for dental implants. So long as you have a healthy jawbone and surrounding tissue, don’t smoke, and show no signs of major decay, chances are you will be able to undergo the procedure. Ultimately, your dentist will have the final say as to whether implants are right for you. Come to our office for a consultation and we will assess your dental condition and create a treatment that best suits your needs.

Benefits of Dental Implants 

  • Enhance your confidence and self-esteem
  • Regain your ability to speak and eat your favorite foods
  • Look and feel younger

Do You Need Dental Implants in Omaha, NE?

Our team at Omaha Dentistry is excited to restore your smile with our custom-made dental implants. Schedule your consultation by calling today!

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