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Kids’ Activities and Dental Health Tips
April 11, 2020
Summer Dental Health | Omaha Dentistry

Summer sports, camping, boating, hiking, fishing and vacations can be great fun for everyone!

Drink water! Remember that if you’re thirstier than usual, your kids probably are, too.  Brushing twice a day (morning and night) and flossing daily also lead to good dental health.

When biking, be sure your child is wearing a helmet!  It should sit low on their forehead.  There should only be one or two finger-widths above the child’s eyebrow.

Look for signs of heat exhaustion! Symptoms can include extreme thirst, fatigue and muscle cramps.

Protect skin from the sun! Apply sunblock 30 minutes before going outside and at least every 2 hours if your child is swimming.

Visit Dr. T.J. Bolamperti and apply good oral habits every day!

Throughout the kids’ vacation break, they should continue with daily brushing, flossing and see Dr. T.J. every 6 months for a professional dental cleaning and exam.

Contact our office if you have any questions about your child’s dental health.