Beat the Winter Blues with Fun Activities for the Kids
October 12, 2018

Snow on a Pine branch | Omaha Dentistry The cold weather of winter will keep the kids indoors some of the time. We all want to make sure they stay active and participate safely in outdoor activities. We have mentioned this in the past in our article Winter Fun and Safety. When the weather turns so cold or harsh outside, and the kids are indoors, especially during school breaks, afternoon/evenings, or weekends, here are a few ideas to keep them busy.

Draw a Tooth Fairy

Have them customize a drawing of the tooth fairy. You know coloring isn’t just for the kids. Doing this activity together creates a great activity together on a cold winter’s day. Share the artwork on your social platforms with friends and family.

Plan an Outing.

Have the kids plan a day at the Children’s Museum or sledding in the park with a picnic afterward. Have them prepare a lunch complete with a thermos filled with hot cocoa. A small backpack filled with other items they may need for the outing. These are just a couple of ideas to help keep the winter blues or cabin fever at bay. Spring will be here before you know.